Peace & Noise

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About US

Welcome to the home of two hair nerds, Yes, we take your hair's wellbeing a little too personal.

But there's more.

Peace and Noise is a place not only for kickass haircuts and contemporary haircolors, but also a place to get inspired by music, art and fashion. 

Peace and Noise stands apart from the traditional hairdressing salon - We work with each client's personality and style. There's no copy paste. 

We believe in personal growth and refuse to stagnate.


 Damn, we love hair!

// Beatrice Datmo & Linda Mikaelsdotter, Founders of Peace & Noise


Beatrice Datmo

I'm a sucker for simple hair. Effortless hair.

Seamless layering, beautiful balayages and lived-in hair. Loose braids, low buns, sweeping fringes and bed-hair.

If you leave here with a dreamy pastel pink hair or a natural cendré doesn't matter.  I just want you to love it, rock it and enjoy it, every day!


Linda Mikaelsdotter


I'm a haircolor nerd inside and out. Color is my passion.

From a subtle balayage to an over the top mermaid color splash, and everything in between, but still maintaining the health and intergrity of the hair.

I believe in education and to never stop learning new cool stuff. And last but not least - have fun with it, it´s  just hair! 


Julia Lennartsson


Come to me and I'll give you a creative color and styling. Or maybe you want a natural haircut but with a custom-made shade to it. I'll find you your fit!

I love beach waves, the ruffled up textured look and a parted bangs.

Wanna know everything there is to know about styling your hair? Ask me anything!